Research Award 2022

The Institut für Personengeschichte (Institute for the History of Persons) in Bensheim is again awarding a research prize for the year 2022, which is awarded every two years. This prize is awarded to an outstanding scientific monograph in the field of prosopographic, biographical or genealogical research. The work should be written in German and can be thematically located in any historical region of Europe. There are no limits for the historical timeline. Participation is open, there is no limitation to scientific qualification work. The prize is endowed with 5,000 EUR.

With regard to the submission of the work and the award of the prize, the following points should be noted:

• self-applications are excluded: the application should be accompanied by expert reports from two academics working at universities, archives, libraries, museums or specialist institutes;

• the proposal must be accompanied by three copies of the work;

• in the case of a thesis that has already been published, the publication should not date back longer than two years before the date of application;

• a jury consisting of the members of the Academic Advisory Board of the Foundation/Institute for Personal History decides on the applications;

• the prize can be divided

• the award will be presented during a ceremony at which the laureate will be present in person.

Applications and proposals are invited until 31 October 2021:
Prof. Dr. Volkhard Huth, Institut für Personengeschichte